Website Move Date

The club website will be moved to its new location on the weekend of Saturday 27th / Sunday 28th November. There is not expected to be any outage during the move, but in case of unexpected issues be aware that availability might be affected. Note that access to competition and handicap details via Master Scoreboard will be unaffected. You can always go directly to the Master Scoreboard website: This is not being moved. There will be a further announcement once the move is complete.

Note that one thing you will notice after logging in for the first time after the move, is that your login details to Master Scoreboard will have been ‘forgotten’. This is not a result of the move, but of a bug fix that has been installed at the same time. To see calendars / handicaps / my golf pages, just select your name and enter you Master Scoreboard password again (usually a 4-digit PIN). This bug fix will not affect ladies’ access to ‘How Did I Do’.