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Play FormatAdjustment
Individual Matchplay100%
Individual Stableford95%
Individual Strokeplay95%
4 Ball Matchplay*100%
4 Ball Stableford85%
4 Ball Strokeplay85%


Course Handicap (CH) = (Handicap Index) X (Slope Rating / 113) + (Course Rating – Par)
(when selecting a 9-hole format, Handicap Index is divided by 2)
Playing Handicap = CH X (Adjustment %) – then rounded to the nearest integer.
Rounded Course Handicap (RCH) = Integer Part of (CH + 0.5)
* For 4-ball matchplay, use CH of each player to work out differences, take 90% of the differences for the actual strokes received.

  1. At startup Slope Ratings, Course Ratings and Par values are set to defaults, adjust these to match your course. Just edit the values in the boxes. Set values are retained for the next time you start the calculator.
  2. For general, non-competition play use your Course Handicap. In competitions, Playing Handicap will determine the result, while your Course Handicap will determine the score used for updating your Handicap Index. Be mindful of your Course Handicap when deciding whether to pick up on a hole.
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This calculator is free to use. Its accuracy depends on correct parameter entry.
Compare results with your local course tables to confirm.

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