Downshire WHS Rating Updated

England golf have re-rated the Downshire Course and as a result there are changes to both the Course and Slope Ratings. These changes will affect your Course Handicaps. Old and new values of the key Slope Index rating are given below:

Slope IndexOld ValueNew Value
White Tee129130
Yellow Tee121125
Red Tee128128

The Red Tee rating has not changed, and so existing Course Handicap tables are still fine for that tee. New tables are yet to be issued for the White and Yellow tees, and so in the meantime use one of the WHS calculators to find your Course Handicap (MyEG App or the ‘WHS Calculator’ link in the footer of each page on this website). Playing Handicaps for competitions will continue to be provided to you on score cards at the start.

The new Course Rating certificate for the Downshire is dated 19 July 2021; changes to the England Golf handicap platform are taking place over the next few days.