Course Plan of Works

At the beginning of February, we received the attached Plan of maintenance works for the Downshire course. Sorry its taken a while to publish, but here it is at last along with an explanation from Simon:

I’ve been asked to give the clubs an idea of when we will be carrying out essential maintenance on the course and also what this entails as I know many of you are interested.

Please find attached our work plan for 2022 which I’m happy for you to share.

With all maintenance it’s often reliant on the weather and ground conditions so be cautious about planning events around timelines in the attached as these can change.

We endeavour to work around all major golf tournaments, but unfortunately this can’t always be the case as many of the treatments are also time sensitive in regards to the knock on affect to the following months work.

This year we are embarking on a new plan of treatment which is more in tune with nature. Replacing nutrients that have been stripped over the years in the soil with the spraying of biology including, beneficial fungi, arthropods and protozoa. This new treatment will mean we won’t need to hollow tine this coming year (loathed by golfers) and will hopefully ensure we have a greater germination rate which will be hugely beneficial to the 4th green which as you’re aware we’ve struggled with over the past couple of years. 

Simon Cottee | Geenral manager