Advance Warning – Website Maintenance

Our current web server is beginning to strain at the seams and so in the very near future it will be moved to a shiny new server that will give us more capacity and performance – at least that’s the plan. The new server at least sounds faster, this is the manufacturers logo:

When the move happens there will be a short period of downtime as we switch over services from the old server to the new. By ‘short period’, be aware this could be a few hours. During this period access to Master Scoreboard will be unaffected and you will able to go there directly for competition and tee time details. We shall endeavour to provide a warning of about one week, so please watch this space for further announcements.

This exercise will have been deemed successful if no-one notices any changes – the website will look exactly as it does today on the old server and you should not need to change any links in your browser favourites. Be aware that future changes are planned as a result of the Strategic Review exercise recently completed by the men’s section. These will be notified separately.

One change we will be doing on the new server that will affect the mens section is a bug fix to how the website connects to Master Scoreboard. Occasionally at the moment you may see Master Scoreboard details of another member before login. We will apply a fix to stop this happening, but a side effect of the fix is that everyone will have to select their name and enter their password again to Master Scoreboard.

Our aim in all this is to continually improve the service the website provides to its members.

Chris Corbett.