Signing Up

  1. To enter a competition (or roll-up) you sign up online via the calendar page. If any member cannot do this, they can either text, email or phone the Competition Secretary.
  2. Tee Times will be posted to the website and sent by email to all entrants a few days prior to the competition.
  3. No entries will be accepted after the tee times are published. (A Reserve List will be established for each competition/roll ups and those on that list will only get a tee time if one becomes available due to drop outs). Under covid-19 circumstances should any player not show up for a competition/roll up and that space cannot be filled the Club will seek reimbursement for the tee time from said member should the Club be asked to pay for the tee time by the Complex.

Payment of Competition Entry Fee

  1. All entrants are required to pay a fee that is used for the competition prize fund.
  2. Entry fees are deducted from your competition purse stored within Handicap Master. This means before each competition you enter, you must ensure that your purse has a balance of at least £5. Insufficient funds at Book In may mean entry is refused.
  3. You add funds to your purse by making a lump sum payment to the clubs bank account for any amount (there’s no minimum) as shown below:
Name of Account:Easthampstead Golf Club
Sort Code:51-81-22
Reference:Comps-Name (e.g. Comps-S Cross)
Club Bank Account Details

The club now operates as cashless and requires all payments to be made to the clubs bank account as above. Should this cause you any difficulty please contact the Treasurer for further advice.


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