2021 Parent / Child Tournament ( Wet and Windy!)

Parent and child 3 team on 37 points (Criteria both Parent and Junior members of Easthampstead) (Countback)

1st Rhys x Billy 37 (Right)

2nd Richard x Katy 37 (19)

3rd Mike x Orla  37 (16)

4th Mike x Elise 36

5th Martin x Luke 35

Founders Pairs (Criteria was Adult and Junior both members of Easthampstead, not Parent/Junior)

1st Connor x Callum 41 (Left)

2nd Les x Dan 33

3rd Andrew x George 25

Family Trophy (Criteria was Parent and Junior where the Parent wasn’t a member of Easthampstead or has an official Handicap)

1st Rob x Robyn 47 (Right)

2nd Max x Anjini 45 (23)

3rd Rob x Isla 45 (21)

Paul x Amrit 41

Derek x Zack 38

Alison x Marcus 37

Simon x Pippa 36

Andrew x Riley 35

Patrick x Aaron 34

Some great pictures from the day!