Obtaining a Handicap

A new member must submit 3 cards which should be marked by an existing member. These can be 3*18 holes or done in 9-hole cards. A handicap index will then be allocated based on the lowest score of the three less 2.

We will however also take into account any previous playing history.

Maximum handicap index is 54.

For initial scores submitted for handicap large hole scores are adjusted to par+5. You are therefore able to pick up and go on to the next hole should the score be worse than that.

A handicap is fully established when 20 qualifying scores are submitted. when fully established the player’s handicap index will be an average of the best 8 of the last 20 scores. Until then there are adjustments, but the handicap is valid to play in competitions.

A new member who already has a handicap should notify the handicap secretary of her CDH number.

Qualifying scores can be obtained by

  • Playing in qualifying club competitions.
  • Submitting general play cards which should be notified in advance and marked by another person holding a handicap. This can be done on the home course or any other course in the UK
  • Playing in away qualifying competitions.

The club uses the Howdido App to enter scores for club competitions.

General Play scores can be entered on Howdidido or via the England Golf App.

A Member playing in a Club Competition must:

  • Write her name, markers name , date and name of competition is on the card
  • Ensure the correct handicap index is on her score card.
  • Check that the correct gross score per hole is marked on the card for the player and the marker.
  • Ensure she signs her card and that her marker has signed it.
  • Enter the score in the Howdido app.
  • Put the card in ladies’ box or give to the handicap secretary.

Failure to comply with the above may result in disqualification.

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