Obtaining a Handicap

A new member must submit 3 cards which should be marked by an existing member. A handicap will then be allocated based on the lowest score of the three but also taking into account previous playing history.

Handicaps can then be altered in the following ways: 

  • Playing in club competitions.•
  • General play adjustments at the discretion of the handicap committee if the player’s handicap does not reflect her playing ability
  • Exceptional scoring reductions for improving players
  • Changes in handicaps as a result of an annual review

A Member playing in a Club Competition must: 

  • Write her name , markers name , date and name of competition is on the card
  • Ensure the correct handicap is on her score card. 
  • Check that the correct gross score per hole is marked on the card for the player and the marker
  • Ensure she signs her card and that her marker has signed it.
  • Put the card in ladies’ box or give to the handicap secretary

Failure to comply with the above may result in disqualification.

Members playing in Away competitions 

If a player plays in a qualifying away competition she is responsible for reporting the following information to her home club:•

  • Name and date of competition and venue•
  • Standard Scratch Score( SSS), Competition Scratch Score( CSS) and Par of the course 
  • Her own score.

Usually notification is obtained from the organisers but failing this the player should request her card. Any further clarification of handicap issues can be obtained from the handicap secretary.

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