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Easthampstead Golf Club take safeguarding and child welfare very seriously. We have produced and maintain a formal policy concerning this important topic that we encourage parents to read. We require that child members and their parents read, complete and sign appropriate forms in the appendices before joining the club. Note that all personal data submitted to the Club is treated in confidence and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. The Club has completed a Privacy Impact Assessment that details the data we hold and the measures in place to protect it.

As a club we welcome offers of additional help in supporting our juniors programme. Helpers are all required to undergo the appropriate safeguarding checks as required by UK law and documented in the policy. If you are considering offering assistance please contact the Junior Organiser in the first instance.

The individual forms that support implementation of our safeguarding policy are available below. The table provides a title for the form, a brief description of its purpose and who should complete it, and a link to download it.

Form NameDescription
Application Form Form to be used for someone applying for a role in the Juniors support team.
Self-Disclosure Form Used by a potential applicant for a support role to declare any previous status with respect to safeguarding.
Reference Form Used by a referee for a potential applicant for a support role.
Code of Conduct for Staff Code of Conduct for PGA Professionals, associate coaches and volunteers. Requires signing and dating.
Code of Conduct for Young Golfers To be read by an applicant and their parents. Requires signature from both child and parent.
Incident Report Form Used by a staff volunteer, coach, PGA Professional, parent, carer or child to record the details of an incident involving a child.
Accident Report Form Used by a staff volunteer, coach or PGA Professional to record the details of an accident involving a young golfer.
Junior Profile and Parental Consent Used by the parents of a young applicant to provide contact details in case of emergency, to provide any details of any medical conditions support staff should be aware of, and to provide permission for support staff to authorise any medical treatment. Note that medical records are not copied anywhere and are secured within the Pro-shop for reference in a medical emergency.
Photography Consent Form The Club does publicise events and competition results using photographs of players on their website. This form allows a parent or guardian to provide the necessary consent for their child to be photographed.